Exhibit of January 1999

Model of the great synagogue in Újpest
Made in 1998, material: Tree bark.
The work of Iványi Gyöngyvér.

The model was made in memory of almost 20,000 members of the Jewish community of Újpest, who were killed in the Holocaust.

The synagogue was inaugurated in 1886 and has recently been renovated.

Donated by local organizations with the assistance of Dr. Somos András.

1999 ראוני - שדוחה גצומ

Újpest.-ב לודגה תסנכה תיב םגד
.ץע תפילק יושע
Iványi Gyöngyvér. י"ע1998 -ב ןכוה

הליהקה ידוהי20,000 -כ רכזל ןכוה םגדה
.האושב ופסנש
1886 תנשב ךנחנ תסנכה תיב
.הנורחאל ץפושו
Újpest-מ רוביצ תודסומ תמורת
Dr. Somos András. תועצמאב

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